Friday, September 27, 2002

Now, a lot of people think that it's a bit over the top to say that Australia is currently under a fascist, white-supremacist dictatorship. They say, "Where's the proof?" Well, here it is. The one second from the left is clearly Janette Howard. Look at the resemblance. There's clearly no doubt is there?

Also in the photo is the Master of Evil's sinister henchman Christopher Pearson (the chubby guy at the back). I'm also pretty sure that Janet Albrechtsen is the tall bespectacled woman next to Janette Howard.

Wait till I send this to John Faulkner, fellow travellers. I think there's a good chance he'll bring it up in the Senate.

Here's yet another example of fascist, Aryan domination of our society through the medium of popular culture. How sad it is that so many young women -- some of them women of colour -- are participating in their own oppression by listening to his music.

Okay, so it's nice to know that an African American is second on that list of popular singers, but then, why did he change his surname to "White"? I suspect it was due to a severe case of socially induced self-hatred. At least this fellow is saying it loud and saying it proud, hey!

But fellow travellers, on the other side of the spectrum there's this nasty little testosteroid. Performer Jack Black has clearly adopted this surname in an attempt to assume the sexual and musical attributes that African Americans are reputed to possess naturally.

Some people are just completely obsessed with race, aren't they?

A truly searing piece in today's Herald. I just couldn't agree more!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Look at Alexander Downer's ridiculous denials of tough-talking, straight-shooting John Faulkner's searing (and very plausible) claims that Australian agents sabotaged Siev X. Just like that other evil Tory before him we know that the more he denies wrongdoing, the more guilty he is.

Those Nazis are at it again. Greg Sheridan puts the conflict with fellow traveller Saddam Hussein into a typically Eurocentric, antithetical dichotomy: Either Tony Blair is a monstrous liar or Saddam Hussein is. Take your pick.

Yeah, thanks a lot Greg. You're sounding a lot like the father of all peenie wavers there. Remember when he said to the world, "You're either with us, or against us!". With or against: another Eurocentric dichotomy, hey!

But that kind of thinking is just so passe! As we all know, there's no such thing as the truth -- and therefore no such thing as a lie. All we have are many different takes on reality.

But those right-wingers just don't get it, do they? Not like all of us on the left. No, they just can't accept that we're right, and they're wrong.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I was watching a natural history show on the Discovery Channel last night, fellow travellers, and I was shocked to see even more phallocentric and sexist oppression in the nomenclature of animals. Here are but three examples. They are, respectively, the tit, the dik dik and the booby.
(Note that the tit and the booby are also "birds". Read here for some useful contextualization.)

I was truly appalled by this, and so was Jocelyn, my pussy.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Just found some more evidence of fascist, Eurocentric bias. Here it is in retail, and the media. But the most appalling example is in the world of popular culture. Look at that photo. Three of the band members are blond! And they're all testosteroids. Where are the women!

It's appalling. I can just imagine the crowd at their concerts.

Ugh! I'm feeling quite nauseous. I'm going to have a cup of peppermint tea and a nice lie down (on my futon).

The goose-stepping of Nazis the world over is reaching fever pitch, fellow travellers. Eurocentric right-wingers are busily attempting ro dominate cyberspace. And not just with their appalling online magazines, such as this one. (And on that point, is there any media oulet which isn't right wing anyway?)

No, they are also infecting search engines. Just today I typed the word "west" into Google. It returned 6 830 000 matches. Then I typed in the word "east". 5 850 000 matches there -- a whole one million fewer than the first. Then I entered "middle east". That returned a mere 3 800 000 matches!

Considering the Internet is supposed to be such a bastion of free speech and diversity, this undeniably Eurocentric trend is deeply concerning.