Friday, February 07, 2003

Right-wing blowhard Matt Hayden rails at "Whacko" Jacko's "delusions", and the "complicity" of the Neverland visitors' parents in indulging the pop star's "fantasies". But Hayden, a self-described "rationalist", just doesn't get it as usual.

You see, there's no such thing as fantasy because there's no such thing as reality. There is nothing that is actually concrete in the world -- not even concrete. Everything is invented, ephemeral, contextual. So Hayden's criticisms have no substance (and I don't mean that in a "rational" way).

Michael Jackson does have issues, of course. But I do consider him a fellow traveller, because he has tried to construct a utopia, and succeeded to a significant degree. So he should be forgiven his eccentricities.

Jackson is the lord of Neverland, a realm which he created. It is his realm, his culture, his reality. Much as we should not attack fellow traveller Saddam Hussein for what he does to his people; so we should not condemn Michael Jackson for what he does with his children. If he says that he has never molested them we should take him at his word. (Also, Jackson is black -- or was, anyway. So that gives his opinion even greater validity.)

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Can you believe that some people will still defend Ronnie Raygun? (Can you believe that people will still defend Dubya, for that matter!) Well, the aptly named John Hawkins at Right Wing News has done just that. His site includes several reasons to be thankful to that hair-slicking, gun-slinging, peenie-waver!

One of these "achievements" is Ronnie's role in the downfall of the Soviet Union. Like that was a good thing! Okay, so the Soviets did go a little bit overboard at times -- just like our fellow traveller Pol Pot. But as we all know, they were doing the wrong things for the right reasons... er, I mean the left ones, which are of course the right ones... er, morally, that is, not politically -- even though everything is political, of course... Oh look, you know what I mean: Basically, anyone who has the gall to actually defend that monster is just appalling. Truly appalling!