Monday, December 30, 2002

Much has been said about the Raelian movement, fellow travellers, and most of it has been very unfair. (And when I say "unfair", I don't mean that in a racist way.)

Here's one example of the kind of sneering disdain the Nazi bloggers feel for them. Then there's the mainstream media. Almost every story I have read describes them as "mad", "insane", "loopy" or "just plain ol' nuts".

Curious as to why so many people would defame them so cruelly I looked into the Raelian philosophy. Far from insanity, I saw only love, joy, and impressive empowerment-potential. So they believe that aliens engineered us and will return to lead us into higher realms of consciousness when we build them an embassy. What's wrong with that? Compared to the eurocentric, phallocentric gobbledygook of Darwinism it's both more inclusive and sensible (but not in a "rational" way, of course).

They clearly constitute a threat to the peenie-wavers, fellow travellers. And this is why there's already a vast right-wing conspiracy afoot to discredit them. Some Christians have even compared them to Nazis because of their "eugenic" pro-cloning philosophy. Christains calling them Nazis! Talk about the pot calling the kettle, er, white.

About the only thing I have reservations about is Rael's description of his first, revelatory meeting with an alien. You see, the visiting space-person called itself a member of the "Elohim" race. Surely, considering how superior women are to testosteroids, and that the future is most definitely female, wouldn't such an advanced race be called the "Eloher"?