Wednesday, December 18, 2002

That evil Nazi bitch Miranda Devine is at it again! This time she's defending the appalling, baby-eating Holocaust-denier Keith Windschuttle. He says that much of the "black armband" view of Australian history is not supported by fact! The gall of it! Appalling! How dare he question the credibility of our our world class, human rights award-winning, fellow travelling scholars, who've worked so hard at deconstructing "the truth" to tell the real story of what actually happened (possibly).

You see, it's too late to nit-pick about the "facts" now. As fellow traveller Fiona Scott-Norman so searingly pointed out the other day, we are now under a fascist dictatorship. John Howard is clearly a Nazi. We all know that. His appalling support of the Great McSatan and those horrible Jews in Israel is irrefutable evidence of that. (And when I say "horrible Jews", I don't mean that in an anti-semitic way. I mean it in a pro-Palestinian way.) The only thing to do is resist this appalling junta! So, any criticism of the "black armband" view is tacit support of the "white swastika" view. None should be allowed!

And anyway, who cares what "really" happened? I mean, even if no appalling racist Anglos massacred any of the little black people, we all know that they would have if they could have. So why quibble about "the facts"? Remember, language constructs reality (see previous post). Just as our fellow traveller Oliver Stone once said about the JFK "assassination": The "truth" of what happened is irrelevant because it has now entered the realm of myth.

And once something is a myth, then to the people who believe in myth (and I'm certainly one of them) the myth is real -- much realer than "reality" according to the Nazis. Therefore Windschuttle and his (unapologetic!) apologist Devine are effectively killing the little black people all over again, because the little black people all believe that their ancestors were massacred by the Anglos.

Quite frankly I think they should both say sorry (again). And don't listen to them, fellow travellers! All they have to offer is psychobabble!

Joy, fellow travellers! Joy!

As we all know language creates reality. And here's a truly empowering case of that happening. Look at this headline. Get it?

No? "Please explain," I hear you ask. Well, his name's Gent. Gent, as in gentleman. Gentleman as in genital man. Genital man as in peenie-waver. So, the headline has a truly earth-shattering resonance: It's heralding the final deconstruction of the patriarchy.

Quick, fellow travellers! Call Carmen, call Cheryl, call Natasha! Tell them the battle is not lost after all!

Now, when this fellow stops getting film roles we'll know the Hollywood boy's club is on the way out too.