Friday, October 11, 2002

It has come to my attention that right-wing, peenie-waving comedian Matt Hayden will be doing a short comedy -- or should I say hate speech? -- gig at the Cat and Fiddle pub (corner of Darling and Elliott Streets, Balmain) this Tuesday (15th). I exhort all crusaders against sexism, racism and Great McSatanism to join me in shutting down this appearance.

Me? I'm taking along some condoms full of urine to hurl at him during his "act". (By the way, I do intend to retrieve these condoms and recycle them for use at another demonstration.)

Still more evidence of Nazism in the already rabidly right-wing Australian media, fellow travellers: In a cynical attempt to smear the reputations of the traditional owners of our land, Paul Toohey baselessly accuses Gatjil Djerrkura of pack rape. (Note that Toohey is a white male.)

Appalling. Just appalling.