Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Appalling right-wing blowhard John J. Ray makes a truly sickening accusation: that Mussolini was a leftist. This rant also implies that we on the left are somehow "fascist". Appalling! He should be blindfolded, stood up against a wall and shot for saying that.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Here's more evidence of fellow traveller Saddam Hussein's commitment to democracy. Of course the Nazis in the White House say it's a cynical ploy.

Cynical ploy! Ha, they can talk. They say they want to liberate Iraq and protect their own people from death and terror. But what do they really mean, fellow travellers? We know, don't we. It means they want to plunder his oil for their SUVs and open Starbucks and McDonalds chains there, thereby oppressing the population more brutally than Saddam ever did (which he didn't, anyway). And many people actually fall for this ruse. Really, some people can just be so gullible, can't they?

And so long to you too, Christopher Snitchens! We never liked you anyway, you smug Pommie.