Friday, January 24, 2003

More right-wing, pro-family propaganda, fellow travellers. And even more appalling, I found it in The Age! What's going on?

Sunday, January 19, 2003

There are far too many demeaning images of women in the world, fellow travellers. Usually these are to be found in the possession of some crazed, right-wing testosteroid. This is appalling enough. But sometimes they are to be found where you least expect them to be: amongst enlightened, peace-loving progressives. And this is utterly unforgivable!

I will point you to a particularly sad example of this. It is included in an appalling Nazi site, devoted to promoting hatred and intolerance in California. The site's creator recently attended a peace rally, and took photos of the many thoughtful and compassionate fellow travellers who attended. He added snide remarks, foolishly thinking that those reading them would agree with his "analysis". He thought he was promoting fascism, but he was actually giving us free publicity!

However, there is one photo that does make me feel sick to my lower chakra. If you look at this page, and scroll down a little you will see a placard showing the exposed pudenda of a woman and the slogan, "This bush is for peace".

While I applaud the sentiment, I cannot accept the medium fellow travellers! It is an appalling contradiction in terms. Pornography is rape, and to invoke it in the name of pacifism is an abomination! It reminded me of the right-wing analysis of those unfortunate events in Nigeria late last year. The Nazis said that the Miss World competition was, if anything, a celebration of female beauty and freedom -- not a denial of it -- and that religious fundamentalism was to blame for the "violence" that occurred. But as we on the left are all aware, Islam is not only the religion of peace. It is also the religion of feminism! The "rioters" were angered by the sexist commodifcation of women more than anything else. They were completely justified in their actions. That is why I and so many other reconstructed testosteroids applauded them.

So when I see such an appalling image as the one on the placard I am saddened fellow travellers. Deeply saddened that there are people among us -- among us! -- who have twisted our ideals beyond recognition!

So how do we remedy this insidious trend, fellow travellers? Well, I have already put a plan into action! And it is a model for others to emulate. You see I sent an e-mail directing all my fellow peace-marchers to collect any nude images of women they were intending to put on placards and give them to me instead. Seven pictures have already arrived, all of women in my coterie, and most far more explicit and demeaning than the one linked above.

I put them beside my futon this morning and looked at them several times today to remind myself of the evil that men do. And then I wept. I wept for the souls of these women who have been duped yet again by the patriarchy into believing that the only real power a woman has is her sexual power. I wept for the women who will suffer the vicious acts that such appalling images will no doubt provoke. And I wept for the soul of the peace movement, that it would let such gendercide occur and continue undetected. I wept so much that these pages are now stuck together, fellow travellers -- stuck together, with my viscous, creamy tears.

And I think there just might be a few more tears before bed-time, too...