Saturday, March 29, 2003

Greetings, fellow travellers. This is to inform you that this blog has been hijacked by the appalling Matt Hayden. As you'll see, his name appears mysteriously as the author of all the posts I've written. So he's somehow managed to attach his profile to mine.

Of course he denies having anything to do with this. But I just don't have the time or energy to fight him. So I think it's best to just "surrender and win", then return to blogging at another address when I am feeling stronger.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

These Nazis will stop at nothing to discredit fellow traveller Saddam. Now they're accusing him of misogyny! Have a look at this article (where the gap is).

Included in it is the claim that Saddam's son Uday and some cohorts beheaded fifty women, then hung their heads on the doors of their houses. Some may see this as a nauseating act of barbarity. But I see it as a feminist cry for help.

As we are all well aware, capitalist western societies comodify women's bodies, while completely devaluing their minds. Knowing what a kind, benevolent and ideologically reconstructed male his father is (he did sign on to the UN commitment to outlaw all forms of discrimination, after all) it is likely that Uday inherited these pro-feminist attributes. (And when I say "inherited" I don't mean that in a biologically determinist sense.) Therefore, the thought of the women of Iraq being enslaved by capitalism -- particularly American capitalism -- was simply unbearable to Uday. He felt impotent -- but not in a phallocentric way -- and was compelled to warn the women of Iraq of the looming patriarchal threat posed by American-style "freedom".

So he decapitated these women to show -- albeit in a very confronting way -- what would happen to them if his father were removed from power. He was saying, "Dear sisters of Iraq, in a 'democracy' you will be so thoroughly disempowered and silenced that you may as well be headless. Now, you don't want that to happen do you?"

And still, still the Nazis present Saddam and Uday as the butchers!

It's appalling. Just appalling.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Fellow travellers, there's something very strange happening to my blog! As you can see, the template has gone awry, so that links can't actually be seen on the page. But they are still there. Just click on the blank spaces and you'll find them.

Still, I don't know what's happened here. But I do suspect sabotage. Considering my numerous searing and courageous polemical posts against the Great McSatan and the arse-licking Master of Evil, I think I've made some powerful enemies in some very high -- or rather, low -- places. So, I suspect it might be the work of ASIO, or even the CIA.

Or it might just be Matt Hayden. This appalling right-wing reactionary, who's blog is found here, has been trying to discredit me for quite some time. He even broke into my abode some weeks ago and had a rather nasty altercation with my trusty feminist cat Jocelyn.

He definitely has a lot of pent-up rage at my success as a public intellectual. He's also livid that even though he's the avowed capitalist and I am the Marxist mendicant and guru, I make his entire yearly income in a week. For this he accuses me of hypocrisy. But he doesn't understand. He wants money out of greed. But for me, earning is part of my philosophy of abundance. You see, he is a taking person. And so his earnings are meagre. But I am a giving person, and my givingness is returned to me many times over, with interest (and I don't mean that in a capitalist way).

But back to the blog: I will look into this, and report back to you.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Right-wing blowhard Matt Hayden rails at "Whacko" Jacko's "delusions", and the "complicity" of the Neverland visitors' parents in indulging the pop star's "fantasies". But Hayden, a self-described "rationalist", just doesn't get it as usual.

You see, there's no such thing as fantasy because there's no such thing as reality. There is nothing that is actually concrete in the world -- not even concrete. Everything is invented, ephemeral, contextual. So Hayden's criticisms have no substance (and I don't mean that in a "rational" way).

Michael Jackson does have issues, of course. But I do consider him a fellow traveller, because he has tried to construct a utopia, and succeeded to a significant degree. So he should be forgiven his eccentricities.

Jackson is the lord of Neverland, a realm which he created. It is his realm, his culture, his reality. Much as we should not attack fellow traveller Saddam Hussein for what he does to his people; so we should not condemn Michael Jackson for what he does with his children. If he says that he has never molested them we should take him at his word. (Also, Jackson is black -- or was, anyway. So that gives his opinion even greater validity.)

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Can you believe that some people will still defend Ronnie Raygun? (Can you believe that people will still defend Dubya, for that matter!) Well, the aptly named John Hawkins at Right Wing News has done just that. His site includes several reasons to be thankful to that hair-slicking, gun-slinging, peenie-waver!

One of these "achievements" is Ronnie's role in the downfall of the Soviet Union. Like that was a good thing! Okay, so the Soviets did go a little bit overboard at times -- just like our fellow traveller Pol Pot. But as we all know, they were doing the wrong things for the right reasons... er, I mean the left ones, which are of course the right ones... er, morally, that is, not politically -- even though everything is political, of course... Oh look, you know what I mean: Basically, anyone who has the gall to actually defend that monster is just appalling. Truly appalling!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Appalling Nazi blogger Matt Hayden has viciously attacked our fellow traveller Susan Sarandon for courageously speaking up against the Great McSatan! One can only wonder at the poverty of a mind that could even contemplate condemning such a wise, empowered, and not to mention attractive icon of the peace movement. (And when I say "attractive", I don't mean that in a sexist way.)

Monday, January 27, 2003

Just when I thought The Age had been overtaken by Nazis (see last post), I found evidence to renew my hope. It's a truly searing article about the appalling racism that pervades the Australian cricket scene. It's so searing, I think could have written it myself!